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Journal Publications

  • Deng, Yiting, Min Jiang, and Xiaodong Jiang (2022), "How Does Vehicle Sales Tax Affect Television Advertising Strategies? Modeling Advertising Intensity Around Emissions-Related Tax Changes," forthcoming, Journal of Advertising Research

  • Deng, Yiting, and Carl F. Mela (2018) “TV Viewing and Advertising Targeting,” Journal of Marketing Research, 55(1): 99-118. 

    • Finalist, Robert D. Buzzell MSI Best Paper Award, 2019

    • Runner-Up, Don Lehmann Award, 2020

    • Finalist, Weitz-Winer-O’Dell award, 2023

Book Chapters

  • Deng, Yiting, Anja Lambrecht, and Catherine Tucker (2023), History of Field Experiments in Marketing," a chapter in History of Marketing Science (2nd Edition) edited by Russell Winer and Scott A. Neslin.

  • Deng, Yiting, Richard Staelin, and Joe Urbany (2023), “The Persistence of False Promotions: Theory and Empirical Evidence,” a chapter in Legal Applications of Marketing Theory edited by Joel Steckel and Jake Gersen, Cambridge University Press.

Selected Working Papers

  • "Can an E-commerce Platform and its Third-Party Sellers Benefit from Each Other's Market Entry?," with Christopher Tang, Wei Wang, and Onesun Steve Yoo (2022).


  • Invention Pledges: A Case Study of Open Disclosure at IBM,” with Ajay Bhaskarabhatla and Yongdong Liu (2021).

  • “Peer Effect on Performance and Effort Allocation: Evidence from Marathon Runners," with Jie Zheng (2021).

  • “Asymmetric Consequences of Cyber-Vulnerability on Health Services,” with Anja Lambrecht and Catherine Tucker (2020).


  • “Price Promotions and Online Product Evaluations,” with Anja Lambrecht and Yongdong Liu (2019).

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